United Nations - U.N. Agenda 21 depopulation of 95% of world within the 21st century is now underway,signed and approved by 200 world leaders at the Rio,Brazil Earth Summit in 1992

////////// About Me
Government Funded Soviet Gangstalking Harrassment Police State IS NOW HERE
I have been government GANGSTALKED since year 2000
Evidence is happening everywhere that there is a definate austerity,de-industrialisation,DEPOPULATION AGENDA
that i have compiled on my website where an Orwellian police state dictatorship One World Government is being installed year by year and world population is being reduced from 7 billion to 500 million people to destroy the Old World Order USING ANY MEANS NECESSARY to make way for the NWO New World Order which will be a scientificaly high tech advanced world with free energy devices,anti-gravity,teleportation,faster than speed of light space travel and normal marriage will not be allowed because scientists and doctors will give people permission to reproduce children,it will be a highly controled world where all existing problems,social,moral,economic will no longer exist WHICH I PARTLY AGREE WITH in a lot of ways but what i dont agree with is the brutal mass murder genocide of over 6 billion people to achieve this i want to live out my life in a natural way like most people 
COVID 19,i suspect the coronavirus vaccination will have a sterilization vaccine hidden within it to stop people having children to reduce the worlds population by 95% 
Ronald Reagan signed an agreement with Gorbachev to merge the soviet communist system with the democratic system,America is now the American Soviet and the European
Charlotte Iserbyt worked as head of policy for education when Ronald Reagan was president

2/3rds below see ----  U.N. AGENDA 21  ----------------- 
Here's What Happens Sept 2015 That WILL Change Our Lives FOREVER!
On september 15th,2015 the Pope will address congress about the NWO One World Government,One World Religion,One World Army,One World Bank
At 16:15mins the Pope
At 27:25mins in september 25th to 27th 2015 agenda 21 will be transformed into the 2030 agenda for sustainability a new universal agenda,the Pope will be giving a speech at the United Nations in New York to announce this agenda
At 30mins when they talk about ending poverty and hunger they dont tell people that mass genocide of all poor and hungry people is how they are going to end poverty and hunger
In September 2015,Agenda 21 Will Be Transformed Into The 2030 Agenda By Michael Snyder, on August 6th, 2015
LIST OF 17 GOALS AND 169 TARGETS of sustainable development
My website,SURVIVE UN AGENDA 21 DEPOPULATION gives the real intentions of the ruling elites that i have re-interpreted from the misleading,perverted,deceptive intentions on there site above 
2094 Depopulation Completed,Denver Airport,NEW WORLD AIRPORT ---- QUEEN Says 2015 Will Be Our Final Christmas Right After The Pope
HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh the British Queen Elizabeth's husband he said in 1981 on the link below, "If population is not controlled voluntarily,it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war."  ----  BUT WAIT A MINUTE Prince Philip has never been on international TV to inform the public that over population is a problem so how can people ever voluntarily reduce the amount of children they have until the leaders of countries educate people about this problem like in China's ONE CHILD POLICY and if anyone refuses to cooperate then laws could be made to deal with people that have too many children,HRH Prince Philip has had 33 years since his 1981 speech to educate people about over population to tell people to voluntarily have less children and he has not done it,this is incompetance on his part and shows that these ruling elites are not fully competant to be making decisions on behalf of humanity and surely its a criminal offence to threaten humanity with an increase of disease,starvation and war?
Depopulation Should Be Highest 3rd World Priority,Henry Kissinger,1974
There is a need for a New World Order,Henry Kissinger
British Prime Minister,Gordon Brown New World Order Speech
George H. W. Bush New World Order New World Order Quotes
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948 http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/ obviously Prince Philip and U.N. Agenda 21 have thrown out there 1948 declaration without telling everyone.

Deagel Military Contractor - DEPOPULATION ABOUT TO HAPPEN 2016
UK population year 2015 is 64 million will be reduced to 19 million by year 2025 thats 2/3rds population reduction ---- USA population year 2015 is 321 million will be reduced to 61 million by year 2025 ---- population figures are constantly updated for every country. India population is to stay at 1.3 billion and China 1.4 billion from year 2016 to 2025.
Historic! Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens
Fantastic spectacle of ranchers with flags on horseback confronting UN Agenda 21 heavily armed militarised federal agents and forcing them to leave there land and stoping there criminal activities against the citizens and regaining the peoples freedom and liberty.
------------------------------------ EBOLA EBOLA EBOLA EBOLA -----------------------------------
Ebola Outbreak Planned Years Ago! What Do You Think The Millions Of “Coffin Liners” Are For?
Texas scientist was given a standing ovation after he advocated the extermination of 90 per cent of the Earth’s population by an airborne Ebola virus.”
AIDS took too long to kill people off, he explained. His preferred method of exterminating over five billion human beings was via airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and kills its victims in days rather than years.
The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines:
The Simpsons 1997 Ebola Virus 
Is this conspiracy theory,the illuminati control Hollywood and the film industry and hide within movies what they are planning on doing to society     
Illuminati Terrorist Event Prediction Cards,Curious George is an African monkey
--------------  THE GREAT CULLING, NEO ARISTOCRATS ---------------

Depopulation Agenda Explained by Dr. Rima Laibow
The globalist plan is to reduce world population by 90%
At 2:45mins in 2002 a head of state said to Dr Rima ITS ALMOST TIME
she said they are the NEO ARISTOCRATS who are
the elite at the top of the
pyramid of society
At 5:55mins the (WHO) World Health Organisation smallpox iradication
programme in Africa was a cover to eliminate 150 million Africans
Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine III & Dr. Rima E. Laibow on Alex Jones Tv
3/5:The Eugenics Wars!!
At 1:15mins vaccines are being tested on American soldiers
At 5:28mins the first targeted to get the vaccines are children from
kindergarden to 12th grade then pregnant women then adults between
Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine III & Dr. Rima E. Laibow on Alex Jones Tv
4/5:The Eugenics Wars!!
At 2:10mins 500,000 plastic caskets can contain 3 bodies are stockpiled in each of many
states in USA,mass graves being prepaired in upstate New York
At 4:28mins state vaccine CPS teams to go to private homes to inject
gardicile vaccine which has killed people in
trials,http://www.healthfreedomusa.org click on act now
At 7:05mins they plan on going to every door to inject people with vaccines
Gates Foundation partner forces vaccines on Malawian children at
gunpoint,arrests parents
These vaccination are a cover to sterilize or kill millions of
Africans as part of the elites world depopulation plans to reduce
world population to 500 million people by year 2030.

VACCINE  DEPOPULATION AGENDA, Jane Burgermeister - pandemic WARNING,more on Bill Gates polio vaccines,in Austrailia on 1st january 2016 no person will be able to recieve state money benefits unless all there children have been vaccinated http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778418


Dr. Rima Laibow On How To Assert Your Legally Protected Vaccine Exemption. This card to legally refuse all vaccines is valid in any country that has signed the Geneva Accord which is 126 countries. Dr Rima E, Laibow,MD  Advance Vaccine Directive Card.

  Vaccines  Bolivia 243 Girls  .`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`.`

-----------------------------  U.K. Britain,European Union  ----------------------------
The New European Soviet
Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky warned that the European Union -- referred to by former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev as the 'new European Soviet' -- represents a continuation of the totalitarian vision he had fought against in Russia
The European Union is the New European Soviet?
Vladimir Bukovsky former Soviet dissident
The European Soviet is the new law system you are being ruled by now,the death penalty now secretly exists again under UN Agenda 21 the plan to depopulate the world from 7 billion to 500 million people by year 2030,American population is to be reduced from 320 million to 20 million by year 2030,UK population 2015 is 64 million will be reduced to 19 million by year 2025 thats 2/3rds population reduction,(see Deagel Military Contractor link above)     China is being installed as the new superpower to replace America  (see George Green Below)
UN Agenda 21 SOCIAL ENGINEERING Immigration
The globalists agenda to destroy nationality and social culture of developed industrial countries in USA,U.K. and across europe,British jobs are intentionaly being given to Pakistani's,Indians,Muslims,Polish people through agencies set up by Common Purpose in there countries before these jobs are offered first to British unemployed. ------------ Small British shops and Taxi companies are being bought out by the government USING TAX PAYERS MONEY then these businesses are being given to foriegners heavily subsidised by the tax payers and accomodation is also offered for these foriegners so that British society,nationality,culture can be destroyed and also the Pakistani's and muslims are being invited to live in europe,USA to be used as PAWNS as part of the military industrial complex terrorist agenda the globalist elites are fabricating so that race riots will break out so that the streets can be militarised with heavily armed police then all our freedoms will be massively restricted just like soviet USSR and WW2 Germany and then we will all be living in a brutal police state dictatorship by year 2020 then MASS DEPOPULATION will happen just like soviet USSR or north Korea. ------------- HUMANITY vs INSANITY - #58 : Ruling PARASITES & their PROSTITUTES
At 34:55mins EX-OIL EXECUTIVE 
Ian R. Crane says its not enough to just communicate on the internet we have to get together we have 4 or 5 years maximum by 2020 to prevent a future soviet police state dictatorship of misery and to turn back the negative evolutionary direction society is declining into
The ruling elites military industrial complex,Israeli MOSSAD,British Intelligence,CIA are going to release false flag terrorist biological,chemical attacks on major cities AND BLAME IT ON MUSLIM TERRORISTS as they did on 9/11 then trick people into recieving vaccinations to stop the FABRICATED outbreaks of contamination but the vaccines will cause neurological brain damage causing people to be paralysed the following day and will be killing people so the more people who die or become paralysed will scare more people into recieving vaccines and they will die or become paralysed aswell and people will not know if the FABRICATED contamination outbreak is killing them or the vaccines,only the informed people like conspiracy theorists will know whats happening. --------- Nick Rockefeller a member of the ruling elite families said to film producer Aaron Russo that 9/11 and the war on terror was all planned by them http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778417 
SCAM AUSTERITY is shutting down schools,swimming pools,fire stations,stoping legal aid,money sanctions on poor unemployed,ATOS stoping sickness money,Food Banks,bedroom tax,bailing out banks with tax payers money,giving bankers bonuses all this is to create a poverty class and wealthy class just like Stalins communist USSR where millions of people were killed the (SAME SCENARIO,SAME ELITE FAMILIES,DIFFERENT TITLE) this is UN Agenda 21 to reduce 95% of world population by year 2030 and this situation is designed to get worse its not going to stop unless everyone wakes up to whats happenning to society. ---------- (see) Communism is a SCAM http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778409 ---------- (see)
Ex-military officer Justin Walker campaign to reinstate the Bradbury Pound that would instantly end austerity.
UK Column founded by Ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish in Plymouth, U.K.  (WATCH LIVE) 1pm mon-fri,  
Exposes Common Purpose a Marxist, Communist organisation installed as secret organisation is dismantling all government and authority organisations in U.K. to bring in police state dictatorship.
Common Purpose http://www.commonpurpose.org.uk/ Common Purpose Exposed http://www.cpexposed.com/ and also the CFR http://www.cfr.org Council on Foreign Relations is the real hidden permanent government that makes the real decisions on what the public elected government does.
Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish,Royal Navy,served 21 years as anti-submarine military intelligence during Cold War and in Royal Netherlands Navy and he commanded HMS Orkney,he resigned from the navy because he could no longer follow corrupt orders to destroy the British fishing industry.     
'Charity' Common Purpose investigated by Brian Gerrish | Edge Media....
Former Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish and his ex-Navy friends set up BOAT BUILDING business in Plymouth to help unemployed youth,his business started to get threatened to shut it down he was told COMMON PURPOSE a Marxist, Communist organisation started Julia Middleton were behind the threats, http://commonpurpose.org/biographies/julia-middleton/  they control towns and councils,the police at the highest levels of authority in the U.K. they are pre-planning a martial law police state dictatorship government where everyones freedoms will be supressed or taken away and 95% depopulation mass genocide murder will be implemented
At 11:20mins known criminals are also recruited to work for Common Purpose
At 32:25mins Brian says Common Purpose are leading society into a vicious police state dictatorship
At 32:45mins http://www.lawfulrebellion.org/  are exposing the unfolding vicious police state dictatorship,Brian says more people have to get involved in exposing this dictatorship before its too late
At 40:55mins all of our society is under attack by Common Purpose to break it down to make way for there NWO New World Order
At 41:25mins the main attack is to destroy the family
At 42:30mins when Brians UKColumn paper was first published in Plymouth his office started recieving phone calls from parents who's children had been stolen by the state,Brian Gerrish talks more about this on this link, http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778391  UK Gov. Child Abuse and Scottish Establishment Paedophile Rings paedophile judges,politicians,lawyers,police chiefs,bankers,catholic priests,wealthy business people 
The Full Circle Project organised by Max Igan - Active Hub for People to Unite
Ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish At 23:20mins says the outright win of the SNP party in Scotland is the Soviet system of centralising power,police Scotland have also centralised powers as part of a Soviet police state dictatorship and police are being armed with guns so that citizens will not be able to resist the dictatorship when orders are given against the population.
Brian Gerrish - Soviet Britain Part 2/4
The Soviet system to psychologicaly destroy society,the Fabian society practices this technique and they are one of the secret societies controling the British government,Tony Blair was chairman of the Fabian society that is a communist Soviet organisation
At 3:05mins the communist manifesto is to abolish private property,abolish the family,abolish countries,nationalities,abolish religions which is identical to the United Nations Agenda 21 being implemented since 1992
At 4:40mins Tony Blair,Obama,George Bush senior have talked about the NWO
At 5:18mins Col. J.R. Rees a member of the Tavistock institute plans to psychologicaly reprogramme peoples thinking they are connected to Royal Institute of International Affairs which Prince Charles and the Queen are members
http://www.chathamhouse.org  and they are connected to CFR http://www.cfr.org  Council on Foreign Relations,the CFR is the hidden permanent government that make the real decisions on what the public elected
governments do,they create wars and appoint presidents of countries
but keep the population decieved with media propaganda and lies of why
situations are happening.
At 8:35mins old Nazi document that had plans to de-industrialise Britain which has been happening since the 1970s
At 9:25mins the Bilderberger organisation created after WW2 to bring together wealthy powerful leaders in secret the chairman was Prince Bernhart of the Netherlands he was a Nazi.    
Alan Watt has spent most of his life Cutting through the Matrix of the Ruling Elites Agenda for Humanity and goes into detail on this link http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778413  about the BIS,CFR,Chatham House,Royal Institute of International Affairs,Tavistock Institute
Brian Gerrish, UK Column Live - 16th August 2012   
At 44:42mins Brian Gerrish interviews Roger Hayes ex-seaman and former member of the UKIP party about the NWO communist One World Government and the intentional breakdown of society and being unlawfully inprisoned for not paying council tax to a corrupt government, Roger Hayes.
is now Chairman of The British Constitution Group.
Introduction to the British Constitution Group - Roger Hayes
At 7:15mins Roger says our government is being paid by an unelected international ruling elite for there benefit at the populations expense and our rights and freedoms are being taken away in small stages.
On 1st November 2014 The UK Parliament comes to an effective end and an EU DICTATORSHIP begins its HQ is in Brussels

BCG Conference 2014,saturday 1st november,10am to 6:30pm    
2017 British Constitution Group conference will take place in Nottingham on the 22nd April 2017.  tickets £10
Roger Hayes is Chairman of The British Constitution Group.
----------------  U.N. AGENDA 21  -----------------
The UN Agenda 21 plans on breaking up families and controling all
children by the state just like the former USSR,this agenda is continued by Obama.
All the pornography on the internet and in shops throughout the world is an agenda promoted by the ruling elites to destroy the family to reduce population. (see 1969 NWO Dr Richard Day Speech http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778388 
The United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century has been given approval by George Bush
senior,Bill Clinton,Obama and 200 leaders of other countries at the Rio,Brazil Earth Summit in 1992
UN Agenda 21 for Dummies: Depopulation of Planet Earth
The objectives of Agenda 21 are,
At 1:28mins the abolision of private property
,the restructure of the family unite,restrictions to individual freedom
At 2:18mins undermining of the family
At 5:40mins children will be cared for by the state
At 5:50mins a generation of children will be stolen by the state to
indoctrinate them into accepting this new way of living as being
At 6:25mins a transfer of loyalty from the family to the government
At 7:40mins children will be intentionaly under educated to dumb them
down because educated people consume more resources which is bad for
the environment.
UN Agenda 21,all asphalt tarmac back roads are to be pulverised to make it difficult for people to get to there private property to force people into overcrowded cities,all private property is to be taken by the government including all private farms including organic farms,wild animals are to re-populate the wilds,300 million out of 320 million Americans are to be executed in FEMA camps,all children are to be taken by the government and families to be destroyed and people can only have children if the UN Agenda 21 government eugenics programme gives you permission. All your dreams,ambitions,freedom will no longer exist unless approved by the government.
The NEW MAP OF AMERICA planned by U.N. Agenda 21 sustainability and inforced by local councils by ICLEI,type this into google to find your local iclei office.
------------------ HRH PRINCE PHILIP SPEECHES ------------------
The UNgodly UN Agenda 21 Global Depopulation Eugenics Program
Very good webpage song by The Moody Blues
Interview with HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in People Dec.
21, 1981 titled ``Vanishing Breeds Worry Prince Philip, But Not as
Much as Overpopulation.''
Q: What do you consider the leading threat to the environment?
A: Human population growth is probably the single most serious
long-term threat to survival. We're in for a major disaster if it
isn't curbed--not just for the natural world, but for the human world.
The more people there are, the more resources they'll consume, the
more pollution they'll create, the more fighting they will do. We have
no option. "If population is not controlled voluntarily,it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war".
Address to the Joint Meeting of the All-Party Group on Population and Development and the All-Party Conservation Committee in London, March 11, 1987.
I do believe ... that human population pressure--the sheer number of people on this planet--is the single most important cause of the
degradation of the natural environment, of the progressive extinction of wild species of plants and animals, and of the destabilization of the world's climatic and atmospheric systems.
The simple fact is that the human population of the world is consuming
natural renewable resources faster than it can regenerate, and the
process of exploitation is causing even further damage. If this is
already happening with a population of 4 billion, I ask you to imagine
what things will be like when the population reaches six and then 10
billion.... All this has been made possible by the industrial
revolution and the scientific explosion and it is spread around the
world by the new economic religion of development.
---------------------------- FEMA DEATH CAMPS across the USA --------------------
Former Navy Aviator Confirms FEMA Camps Existence
Alex Jones InfoWars
At 3:20mins there are 100 million Americans on social security payments,wellfare or food stamps and when the government cuts these benefits mass riots and looting will happen and thats when the military will put these 100 million people into FEMA camps
At 5:30mins returning Iraq veterans are being put on medications to dumb them down so they will not be able to support patriots to defend American citizens when the elites try to round citizens up into FEMA camps to kill them and depopulate America under UN Agenda 21
George Green says Redcoss records show that there was not 6 millions Jews in all of europe and most of the 6 million people who died in German WW2 death camps were German soldiers put in camps by Eisenhower to starve to death along with some Jews but the persecution of Jews was a deception created by the British Zionist Federation to use Jews as PAWNS to create the state of Israel to hide the military staging post to begin WW3 (see Ex-CIA John Perkins,"Economic Hit Man" http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778385 ) the new enemy being Muslim terrorists to replace the Communist threat the globalist elites also created (see Communism is a SCAM http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778409 ) then expand the Greater Israel and build the NWO New World Order that was all planned in 1871 by Albert Pike a grand master in the Free Masons who recieved a revelation from Lucifer. -------- NAZIS are a global ruling elite and not just WW2 Germans,FEMA DEATH camps being built across the USA getting ready to kill 300 million Americans and to leave 20 million Americans,the global elites UN Agenda 21 plans on killing over 6 billion people by year 2030 or within the 21st century
Grand Commander of North American Freemasonry from 1859  Albert Pike,THE THREE WORLD WARS planned in 1871 http://www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike.htm
jump to Albert Pike & Three World Wars.  http://www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike2.htm "The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

Total Destruction of Western World.AVI
George Green an investment banker worked with the world leaders and knows there agenda
At 44seconds overpopulation is the number one problem and the ruling elites
are going to make Godlike decisions on who lives and who dies
At 2:20mins elite plan to use neutron bomb on Israel to start WWIII
Ex-CIA George Green says China is presently acquiring all the USA and
Canadian assets and China will be given these countries and USA
citizens will be put in concentration camps then executed just like
the Jews in WWII and Stalins USSR.
At 6:50mins George talks about when he used to associate with the
world leaders and knows all there plans,they asked him to be the
finance chairman for the next president of the USA
At 8:04mins George asks who is going to be the next president and they
said Jimmy Carter,THIS WAS 2 YEARS before he became president,then he
was told republicans and democrates are controled by the same ruling
elite people and secret societies and VOTING IS A GIANT SCAM to
decieve the public and thats why nothing ever changes no matter who
you vote for because all that matters is the ruling elites and big
corporations continuing with there agenda.These ruling elite secret
societies also control the media and never allow all the other
political parties to get any publicity.
George Green is a former investment banker who worked with the people
planning to take over the world,he is now exposing them
George Green Interview February 2010 part 1 6 YouTube
At 3;36mins elites plan on reducing world population
At 4:35mins elites plan to get war started in the middle east by year
2000 to then spread to USA as depopulation plan
At 8:25mins the people who rule the planet are the BIS Bank of
International Settlements in Switzerland http://www.bis.org/they are
controled by the Rothschilds they control 85% of the worlds wealth and
control the legal system,courts,food supply,media,
At 8:32mins the elites headed by the Rothchild family are currently in
process of killing millions of people using ANY WAY NECESSARY because
of ecological unsustainability,THEY ARE DRIVING THE BREAKDOWN OF
At 9:55mins George says extraterrestrials engineered our planet to
sustain 500 million people and the ruling elites are currently
reducing world population to that level over the next 16 years by year
Georgia Guidestones standing stones engraved by the global elite saying they want to depopulate the world population to 500,000,000 million people.
Planned World Depopulation Event on August 14 2016? Georgia Guidestones "Judgement Against Mankind"
Published on 7 Aug 2016
This video covers Georgia Guidstones being a blood sacrifice alter,there are red blood stains on the top slab of stone. A strange prediction that has been overlooked by many. The Georgia Guidestones might have been pointing to a major false flag, depopulation event, or end of the world scenario on August 14, 2016.

World Bank Whistleblowers - Rothschild controled Federal Reserve the Rothschilds are the head of the World Zionist Federation,most of the politicians controling the British,American,Australian,european,Canadian governments belong to the World Zionist Federation
Conservative Friends of Israel
David Cameron and the U.K. government Conservative Party support for Israel which is controled by the World Zionist Federation
World Zionist Organization - Israel

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Depopulation Should Be Highest 3rd World Priority,Henry Kissinger,1974


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11.04.2018 22:37


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09.12.2017 12:24

Get a life

Get a grip. How are 6.5 billion people going to be killed in 13 years? You’re almost as stupid as the flat earth believers.

09.12.2017 15:14


By compulsory mass vaccination of the population,swin flu was a failed attempt

19.07.2017 17:38


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Juan Reynoso

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28.04.2017 15:49


This is retarded

20.04.2017 19:21

Jackie Shalom

Im kinda relieved if this happens as without something like this there would be no hope, at all. Ppl just dont give a fuck. Been noticing that in my personal life for last 15 years. Not nice tho.

07.04.2017 08:06

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04.01.2017 06:07

Phil Hood

It does not say that they want to kill 95% of the people in Agenda 21. Where do you get your interpretation?

03.12.2016 12:19


What are we in the UK, to do? Can we have local fellowship with like minded?

03.12.2016 22:41

Gordon Muir

Hello Jacqui,on this page you can join the British Constitution Group and The Full Circle Project

29.11.2016 00:45

sharon mullane

Stop this now

27.11.2016 20:43


Yes , you and I know..lets stop this.

19.10.2016 04:50

Steve Williams

After reading your latest UN Agenda 21 article, I am absolutely speechless. I posted on FB indicating a must read. This needs to get out there. How can I provide assistance?

16.10.2016 07:53

Nice Job

The only thing missing from your very comprehensive reporting, is the chemtrails angle to depopulate us.

13.10.2016 08:00

Howard T. Lewis III

Who put these 'leaders' in place? The U.N. and the U.K..

08.10.2016 13:02


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20.08.2016 01:07



31.07.2016 19:11

harishkumar . maganlal


31.07.2016 19:08

harishkumar . maganlal

Can i explain to u how "they" DO IT in BELGIUM ??? We / MY SON are a victim of this sick & disgusting process !!! STATE-SPONSORED CHILD-PERSECUTION !!! i hope u reply !!!!!!!

03.07.2016 19:01

Bavarian Illuminati

keep up the good work

19.08.2016 23:29


What should we to in revaloution wise we need to turn to OUR Mob style mates Riders Gangs police in Australia surely cant bthis aware bring it if u think u got tha skills we may be a small group

01.07.2016 20:02


Let these delusional pricks do their thing. It's gonna blow up in their face. I've followed this for many years. I was a a freemason. They hate boldness and be in exposed. Expose them.

16.05.2016 13:21

John Doran

Absolutely top work. Confirms everything I have been reading this last 5 years.
Congratulations, & fcuk the odd spelling mistake.
John Doran.

16.03.2016 05:26

Winston perkins

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12.08.2016 07:16


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16.03.2016 05:22


I am just shocked people can have no soul! Really!

24.02.2016 19:06


Who has discovered this to be right ?
Poliovaccine in evil will ? Hard to beleive.

17.01.2016 18:24


How can I take you seriously if you can't spell correctly. Please use a spell checker

01.03.2016 09:02


I can't believe someone could read all this and the only effect it has it to make them whinge about grammar! FUCK OFF

09.11.2015 02:20

Debra Cee

The "elites" are so full of shit. They don't know everything ! DNA was just discovered in 1869 they have no clue what's to be discovered next !!

14.11.2015 16:19


Really...? Well, I think they at least know a whole lot more than the everyday citizen, their plan has been generations in the making. And folks are just now becoming aware of a glimpse of it. Ha ha