Ex-Navy,Brian Gerrish - UK Rally Against Child Abuse June 2011

Robert Green's talk on the Hollie Greig Aberdeen abuse case Pt1

Scottish Establishment Paedophile Ring

Police Scotland,SNP Soviet Paedophile Run Dictatorship
Published on 9 Sep 2016.
Ex-Royal navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish founder of UK Column interviews in person on camera Brian and Janice Docherty summarising there situation in 52mins
In july 2014 they were targeted by the most powerful well connected paedophile ring in Scotland WHO ARE NOW ABUSING the Docherty's 4 children ages 3 to 12,these paedophiles now control police Scotland part of a soviet police state dictatorship being installed with SNP which is now a soviet centralised government disguised as a political party run by paedophiles the reason is to destroy the Old World Order to make way for there NWO New World Order as part of UN Agenda 21 depopulation involving mass murder of 95% of the worlds population by 2030.

Brian Docherty is a school teacher,he and his wife Janice's children have been STOLEN by British and southern Irish social services for reporting a paedophile in Aberdeen,Scotland to the police,David Scott is a civil engineer,Brian Gerrish is an ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander and founder of UKColumn Newspaper in Plymouth,England.
At 34mins David Scott says we need more people to volunteer to investigate,expose this case involving the Docherty family, PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL:  dochertyinvestigation@ukcolumn.org  we need facts,names,addresses and information gathered using lawful means and no threatening abusive behaviour to be used,just be polite.
At 36:54mins David Scott emailed the Aberdeen police press dept. and here is the reply,David still did not get a satisfactory answer
At 47mins all 10 interviews by David Scott with Janice and Brian Docherty are now up on the UKColumn website below.
The Brutal Protection Of Paedophiles,by David Scott | Monday, 13th June 2016
In two short years, the Docherty family have been torn apart by brutal state interventions in three separate national jurisdictions. Are these people criminals? Accused of a major crime? Terrorists? No they are a loving family who had the courage to report to the authorities an approach from a predatory paedophile.
On either part 2 or part 3 Brian Docherty witnessed a digger late at night possibly digging up the remains of murdered children on Viscount Petershams estate in Aberdeenshire,Scotland
Britains Psychiatric Gulag,by Brian Gerrish | Thursday, 14th April 2016
Former Lancashire Social Worker Carol Woods refused to falsify child records that would enable the British State to steal a child. Her ultimate reward was to be unlawfully incarcerated in the British psychiatric gulag.
Moral Foundations of Society - Dispatches From The Front 20th April 2016
Published on 21 Apr 2016. Alex Thomson, David Scott and Brian Gerrish discuss waking up, our society of fear, the loss of truth, the causes of change in society, and the path towards breaking free from these chains.

Brian Gerrish discusses waking up to the harsh reality of UK society and politics with calm and measured UKColumn commentators Alex Thomson (Eastern Approaches) and David Scott (Northern Exposure). In a loose and wide-ranging discussion, topics include what is wrong in society, the historical events leading to our nation today, the network of fear, prison, courts, the law, right and wrong, telling the truth, and the denial of God. If you feel that something is wrong in your country, but you are not quite sure what it is, then this discussion is for you. If you still feel that everything in your country is as it always was, and should be - that there is nothing to worry about, then this discussion is also for you.
Brian Docherty Videos
Police Scotland Senior Officer Paedophiles
In 2014 Brian reported to the police about a high level paedophile ring operating in Aberdeen the police and social services tried to have Brian sectioned in a psychiatric hospital
Police Scotland Covers Up Paedophilia
Published on 6 Apr 2015
Brian Docherty a father gives a true account of his family viciously targeted after he reports a paedophile to Police Officers in Scotland. A paedophile attempted to buy access to their son for £25,000! - he reports this to cops and they target his kids! vandalise Brians property.
Brian Docherty,facebook
------------------------  Part 2 Other Cases  ----------------
Robert Green 26-5-2014
12min talk with Robert Green at his house in Cheshire,England,U.K.
Robert Green 4th March 2015 COURT TRIAL VERDICT RESULTS
UK Column NEWS 6th March 2015
David Scott speaks about when he attended Aberdeen court supporting
Robert Green.
Aberdeen Court has banned Robert Green for life from talking to anyone
about the Anne and Hollie Greig child abuse case or any other child
who he tries to help, If he does help or speak out , he will be immediately imprisoned for a maximum of 5 years!!!!!  which prooves the
government establishment must be very scared about this getting out to
the public which means the Scottish establishment paedophiles rings
must be all true.
Robert Green sentenced Aberdeen 4th March 2015
Imprisoned twice and held under house arrest for nearly one year
Robert Green is an enemy of the Scottish state. His crime? Exposing
child abuse
Crown versus George Robert Green Sheriff William Taylor presiding

Robert Greens court trial on 21st january in Aberdeen,Scotland was adjourned until MARCH 4th 2015 please be there again in Aberdeen to support him. -------- Crown versus George Robert Green,Sheriff William Taylor presiding,David Scott update on 21st january trial http://www.freerobertgreen.co.uk/trial-adjourned-but-bail-not-lifted/
-------- UK Column news 3rd September 2014
At 4:20mins Robert Green supporter David Scott interview
UK Column News - 4th June 2014
LATEST UPDATE:  Robert Green has been released from Perth prison in Scotland but is now under house arrest in his house in England,he has to report to Warrington police every day and he is banned from using the internet until he is put on trial again in JANUARY 21, 2015 Aberdeen Sheriff Court,10:00am having committed no crime he has only tried to protect children from the Scottish establishment paedophile ring that the establishment are trying to keep secret.
Paedophile judges & police chiefs are repeatedly attempting to inprison Robert Green in (photo above) for trying to expose there paedophile rings where they gang rape children and for seeking justice for Anne Greigs daughter Hollie who was gang raped by the Scottish establishment paedophile ring and also other children not named have been or are being gang raped,this is also part of a worldwide government paedophile ring.
Scottish Establishment Paedophile Ring    
Scottish Aberdeen police chief Colin McKerracker police force is in full knowledge of and involvement with paedophile rings for Scottish establishment paedophile judges,politicians,lawyers,police chiefs,bankers,catholic priests,wealthy business people where vulnearable children are kidnapped and parents detained in psychiatric hospitals,estimated 30,000 children go missing in U.K. every year this number shows supply and demand but paedophile controled media never reports these facts.
EVERYONE PLEASE SUPPORT - Robert Green has been released from Perth prison in Scotland for a week to prepair his court case he was in Aberdeen court on friday 30th may 2014 but now has until 16th july to prepair his defence.
http://www.ukcolumn.org/  UK Column founded by Ex-Royal Navy,Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish - Live News 1pm mon-fri
If you are interested in helping to FREE anti-child abuse campaigner Robert Green from Perth prison please contact Ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish at UKColumn,(brian@ukcolumn.org)(editor@ukcolumn.org) or Belinda McKenzie or ex-oil executive Ian R. Crane.
Belinda McKenzie campaign to Free Robert Green
Belinda McKenzie outside court where paedophile judges & police chiefs are sentencing Robert Green for trying to expose there paedophile rings where they gang rape children.
FREE Robert Green campaign
Robert has now been moved back to Perth prison,you can write to him at Robert Green,Number 125799 HMP Perth Prison,3 Edinburgh Road,Perth,Scotland PH2 8AT
Robert Green has now been moved from Perth prison to Aberdeen prison says Brian Gerrish on 21/2/14
Brian goes into very detail about Robert being an innocent man arrested by the police for exposing Scottish establishment paedophile rings insted of the police who should be arresting the paedophile judges,lawyers,politicians,wealthy business men,catholic priests,police chiefs and asks everyone to spread the word to support Robert Green.
FREE Robert Green campaign
The police arrested Robert because he mentioned the Glasgow Violate Club where these establishment people attend.
Robert Green HAS BEEN ARRESTED who campaigns for Anne & Hollie Greig is trying to expose government paedophile rings has been arrested on 13th feb 2014 at his home in Warrington Cheshire by Sgt Robinson Cheshire Police PC3158 and Detective Inspector Drummond of the Aberdeen Police, a unit of Police Scotland.
Ian R Crane,Humanity vs Insanity - Report on Robert Green
Watch LIVE UKColumn at 1pm for update on Robert Green he is now in Aberdeen
Brian Gerrish says Robert is not allowed to phone anyone so nobody knows if Robert is allright.
Ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson report on Robert Green
21st February 2014 - Aberdeen police attempt to section Robert at Aberdeen's Cornhill Hospital the same hospital used to section Anne Grieg when she reported the abuse of her daughter to Grampian Police
21st February 2014 - Ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson report on Robert Green

=============  Part 3 Other Cases  ==============
At bottom of link video of Barrister and Intelligence Insider Michael Shrimpton talking about Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath - Michael Shrimpton also describes what he says happened to the abducted little girl Madeleine McCann, the assassination of Princess Diana, the murder of weapons expert Dr David Kelly
Michael Shrimpton is a barrister and a columnist on Vetarans Today
Michael Shrimpton Exposes former prime minister Edward Heath as a
paedophile and child killer
At 2:35mins Michael Shrimpton found out former prime minister Edward
Heath was a paedophile and Haut de la Garenne childrens home on Jersey
in the Channel Islands was being used by paedophiles run by German
At 3:55mins boys from Haut de la Garenne childrens home were being
taken to Edward Heaths yacht and BBC D.J. Jimmy Savile was involved in
At 5:18mins the boys were murdered then thrown off the boat,a police
officer on Jersey was aware boys were going missing and an
investigation was started
At 8:48mins the ruling elites like to have paedophiles in positions of
authority because they can be easily blackmailed and controled by the
ruling elites
At 10:25mins the assasination of Dr David Kelly was done by GO2 German
At 11:45mins the boys who were taken by Jimmy Savile onto Edward
Heaths yacht to be sexualy abused were killed to stop them speaking
At 12:35mins Madeleine McCann was stolen to be sexualy abused by a
senior political member in Brussels and Michael Shrimpton says German
intelligence murdered Madeleine to stop her speaking out
Madeleine McCann
Haut de la Garenne Jersey child abuse investigation 2008
Michael Shrimpton is the author of the book, Spyhunter, which he’s
apparently having trouble publishing in the UK.

David Icke named Edward Heath as a serial paedophile and child killer
in his book, The Biggest Secret, first published in 1998 – seven years
before he died. David Icke also named him and his Chancellor of the
Exchequer Anthony Barber as practicing Satanists, aswell as the
leading members of the royal family.
==================  PART 4 =================
CH4 News - Nearly everyone on UK paedophile ring list is a Freemason says abuse victim Councillor Keith Gregory with Bill Brereton former deputy police commissioner and chief constable in North Wales
Is Freemasonry the shield that protects some elite paedophile rings that go unpunished in the UK? Are Freemasons protecting their own over the children being abused by their members?
POLITICIANS, judges and police chiefs who allegedly abused care home children in North Wales dodged justice because most were freemasons, claims a victim:
David Cameron hosted freemasons event at Westminster
=============== PART 5 ================
At 27:22mins Erin says when she was 4 years old her father took her into a room in the pentagon and she was raped at 4 years old by high up people in the pentagon
At 30:50mins Erin says she would be taken to meet grey aliens and reptilian aliens and other types of aliens and she is 50% reptilian hybrid
At 36:50mins the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are all interbred
At 44mins Erin has seen ritual sacrifices of children in the Vatican basements and is the most vile,evil,dark place on earth
At 46:35mins the reptilian who are service to themselves are at the head of the increasing NWO 4th Riech world control but most reptilians are good and are service to others
At 1:02:28mins Erin says Alistair Crowley is always trying to bring her over to his side and she says Alistair Crowley is a time traveler who is still physicaly alive today in a young body and he is under contract to bring darkness
This interview was conducted at the Super Soldier Summit in May 2013. Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild tells her story from the perspective of time travel and her experience growing up as a Rothschild being tortured and put through illuminati mind control and satanic rituals...
Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild - IBIS, Holographic Reality, Multiverse, Illuminati
AMMACH interviews Erin Rothschild at Las Vegas,may 2013,Super Soldiers Summit - http://alienabductionuk.com/
====== PART 6 -  Ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish ===========
November 27th,2012
Education minister Liz Truss who works for British
prime minister David Cameron thinks that lessons in porn are
acceptable to teach to 10 years olds and she says it will help build
healthy relationships.
Ex-Royal Navy officer Brian Gerrish UK Column Live - 28th November 2012
At 36:20mins Brian Gerrish says Liz Truss and David Camerons
governments decision to teach pornography is to sexualize children.
Ex-Navy,Brian Gerrish - UK Rally Against Child Abuse June 2011
Child stealing by the state,documents falsified by social
workers,police are involved in these crimes,the family
courts are all secret and unlawful.There is a government programme to
break up families and sexualise children where paedophilia is
considered normal.
http://www.ukcolumn.org/  UK Column founded by Brian
Gerrish in Plymouth,U.K. - Live News 1pm mon-fri
Lt Commander Brian Gerrish resigned from the Royal Navy because he
could no longer follow corrupt orders intentionaly designed to destroy
the British fishing industry.
Commie Cameron's Cultural Marxist Government Loves to Indoctrinate 10
Year Olds With Anal Porn
Brian Gerrish and Lou Collins condemns these sick government plans for
children and say its part of a communist breakdown of european and
American society and breaking up the family just like Stalin did in
the USSR and he says that the government could shut down pornography
on the internet but they choose not to which shows this is a
deliberate agenda to breakdown families and society.
Teaching union calls for porn lessons on national curriculum amid
fears children as young as 11 are addicted to adult websites
Savile and the Mindbending Changeagents of Westminster - Brian Gerrish
At 1:31mins Brian ends by saying this is a battle between good and


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